Patient Rounding is a standard task by Nursing Staff to get regular patient data checkups as well as administer vital drugs. To ensure patient's aren't forgotten, or the rounds are delayed, AAC's Patient Rounding platform in conjunction with the Clinical Access Terminal will ensure the rounds are performed efficiently and on time.


Automated Messaging

Set from the Clinical Access Terminal, staff can set the patient rounding intervals based on the time frames required. When these time thresholds are hit, messages are automatically sent to the staff member's wireless device.

If the rounding hasn't been actioned within a specified timeframe, automated escalation alerts can be sent to supervisors or managers advising about the missed round. This ensure all patients are attended to and never forgotten.

Rounding Completion

On the Clinical Access Terminal, the rounding event can be acknowledged and a quick (or detailed) assessment can be recorded.


Rounding Display Terminal

An optional add-on feature is a Patient Rounding Display. This can be a PC at the Nurse's station, or a dedicated LCD screen on the wall, showing the status of all patient rounds, with customised highlighting of critical or outstanding events.

The display can be customised to show certain information and hide any sensitive information that may be seen by the public.

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