Guest Paging

Notify waiting patrons when their meal is ready anywhere onsite. Pagers will Vibrate, Flash and Beep when they are required to go back to the host stand.

Messaging and Alerts

The Connect messaging platform will allow you to send messages to Pagers, Phones, Smartdevices, Email, etc, and integrate to Service Optimization System, Alarm System and any other subsidiary system that has an output. Events are processed based on your workflows and customised escalation management ensure all events are received with priority.

Guest Television Systems

MATV and IPTV Systems for your Hotel and Resort

Waiter Paging

Page waiters/runners back to the kitchen silently. Stops pointless trips back to the kitchen to see if a customers meal is ready.

FindMe Table Tracking

Quickly and efficiently locate guests to deliver their food orders

Guest and Staff Service Terminals

Allow your guests and staff the ability to initiate service requests from a touch of a button. The Terminals can be utilised in Guest rooms, function rooms or any other area where you want to optimise service requests and tasks.