Guest Paging

Now your Customer's will know exactly when to return to the host stand or collection point with the Guest Paging System. When ready to alert the guest, the Pager number is entered on the keypad and the Guest's Pager will vibrate, beep and flash to alert. So your customer can be anywhere on premise and still be notified when their meal is ready.


Boomerang Ultra

With Boomerang Ultra Paging System, you will easily manage your guest flow and create a quieter, more inviting atmosphere. Boomerang Ultra Pagers will increase your profit margins by reducing the high cost of staff labour.

Ultra are VTF plus Voice Alert capable for up to a 10 second customise message

Boomerang Ultra Voice Pagers offer you the added option of a personalised Voice message or MP3 file in place of the Tone alert. Customise your pagers to your venue with Boomerang Ultra Voice Pagers.

Boomerang Titan Pro

Titan Pro (Black Edition) is a lightweight, rugged pager with a built-in advertising panel, allowing simple regular changes to your message. Titan PRO paging system was made to work in environments which challenge other paging systems. The Titan PRO pager is plash proof and rated IP54. If you need a reliable paging system, look no further.


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