FindMe Table Tracking

The ‘FindMe’ Pager from BTG is a wireless customer locator, which allows customers to be found easily by food runners, ensuring that orders are delivered on time to exactly the right table. This increases staff efficiency, reduces cold food and customer complaints, and improves the overall dining experience of your guest.


Advanced Features

  • Sub-1GHz wireless communication technology
  • Real-time monitor location information and waiting time analysis
  • Supports ‘Guest Call’ mode - to dynamically change service method to send an alert like a traditional pager system
  • Supports Windows, Android and iPad
  • Simple and intuitive user interface


How it Works


Give the 'FindMe' table tracker to customers when they order their meal


Customers tap the tracker on the table tag, and the tracker sends back the location to the host


The waiter delivers the food to the guest's exact location


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