Clinical Access Terminals

AAC's Clinical Access Terminals is the centrepiece of communication between Patients and Staff, closing the loop of assumptions and ambiguities, the Clinical Access Terminals will present meaningful and factual information at the touch of a button.


Patient Data

On the Clinical Access Terminal will display all the patient data required, that you would normally see on the whiteboard on the wall of a patient's room. The terminals can be locked down for privacy, and will give up to date information on things like allergies, risks (e.g. falls risk) and quarantine information.

Enhanced Communications

The Clinical Access Terminal also serves as a unique communication device, such as one-touch operation to send a message. Say you're about to transfer a patient, you can hit the Orderly button and it will start series of workflow steps and send a message to the orderly advising about the transfer.

The Clinical Access Terminal can even serve as an intercom or phone, with native SIP integration it will be able to phone staff extensions for hands free communications.


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