Care Terminals

Clinical and Residential Care Terminals by AAC Solutions help simplify communications and improve staff efficiency in often complex health and aged care settings. Care Terminals can be integrated into admissions and management systems to retrieve vital details about the person including any flags such as falls and wandering risks, dietary information and allergies.


Patient and Resident Details

The Care Terminals can integrate directly to Patient Admission Systems and Residential Management Systems to retrieve details on the person such as name, care team details, dietary, allergies, scheduled appointments and any other information your management software can provide. The Care Terminal staff dashboard will also allow you to add further details including rounding and handover notes, medical details and even upcoming social and family events.

Workflow Triggers

One of the ways the Care Terminals can improve staff efficiency is automating workflows and events required for the care of the individual. The Care Terminal has a customised series of buttons that can instantaneously trigger a workflow event. For example, a 'Transport' button can directly notify a porter or concierge that a patient may require moving, and an 'Oxygen' button' may notify the nurse that oxygen is required at the room. These workflow triggers will adhere to a customised escalation process to ensure that events are escalated to appropriate management or supervisors if they are not completed in a nominated time frame.


Wandering Alerts

The Care Terminals can manage sensors mounted in the room to monitor movement at all times or designated times, such as during the night. If the sensor is enabled, in the ensuite for example, and the person walks into this area, it will automatically trigger a notification to the Nurse Call annunciators or wireless devices. The sensors can also be installed at the bedroom door to alert staff if a person wanders outside their room. Having the ability to know when a person with a condition, such as dementia, leaves the room or area, it can be critical in ensuring the wellbeing of the individual.

Rounding Management

Ensuring the rounding checks of a patient or resident is important, even critical, to guaranteeing their wellbeing. The automated rounding management within the Care Terminal will ensure that when a rounding is due, a reminder is sent to a nurse or caregiver. When the staff member completes the round, they will acknowledge this in the Care Terminal. Depending on your configuration, the care giver will also be required to enter in details such as vital medical recordings and medicine administered.


Analytical Reporting

Obtaining metrics and reporting data isn't only important for measuring staff performance and efficiency levels, but it's also critical in ensuring optimal care and targeted thresholds are met.

Automated reports can be sent with your criteria set, to key management, showing the information that is critical to your facility.

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